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Writing Tips: the Different Types of Writing Jobs

Now, I want to share about different types of writing jobs where some freelance writers are looking for it. This is information for you to be a freelance writer that allows you to work at home and there are a few popular jobs you can choose. If you are interested in freelance writing, it is vital for you to understand the different types of jobs out there. So you will know which ones you have good at, and also the ones not to have it. You need to consider with the options that you have selected in order you will enjoy in writing as well.

And here are 5 types of writing jobs out there to consider.

1. Copywriting

If you know the most key elements of effective online marketing that is copywriting. This is one of the types of writing job you can do. What can I do with this type? Copywriting jobs typically include writing emails, web copy, writing newsletters, press releases, product descriptions, and etc. The art and science of direct-response copywriting requires strategically offering words both written and spoken to get many people to take some form of action.
For this type of writing jobs is some of the highest paid writing job in the world wide, but if you want to become really skilled and profit-making a copy expert, you need to spend more time and more energy in learning this skill. So it is one of the largest areas of freelance writing and can be a great way to bring in money.

2. Ghost Writing

If you want to get plenty of money in writing, you can apply for writing jobs that can be considered as ghost writing. This type of writing has a meaning that you don’t need to get a by-line. A ghost writer is a writer for hire who get money, but none of the credit for the work made. So the author hires the ghost as a freelance writer to make copy writer work for a fee.

For some cases, ghostwriters are permitted to share credit with the clients who hire their ghostwriting or editing services. For example, on the cover book is printed by the client to put the author’s name as the main byline, like this (by Author’s Name) and then to put a name on a ghostwriter’s name below it.

3. Technical Writing

Technical writing is a type of writing jobs where the author is writing about a specific subject that requires direction, instruction, or explanation. However, the main focus of all these jobs is on technology. That is used in numerous technical and work-related fields, such as electrical products, computers, engineering, chemistry, and other parts of technology in order to get success with these types of writing jobs.
Technical writing is quite easy; you will be easy to understand explanations and/or instructions dealing with a specific subject. And it’s an efficient and clear method of explaining something and how it works.

4. Blogging

Blogging is one type of writing jobs that I like; it is so exciting for writing jobs. And now, blogging has become so popular. Blogs are typically shorter than regular articles and need an informal style of writing. There are many great chances in blogging out there and individuals who keep up with the recent buzz online might find this type of job to be a great choice as a part of their freelance writing career.

There are so many blogging jobs that you can find online now. Not only are single bloggers doing so well, but there are also many blog networks are providing to hire too. Even individual web property owners are looking for bloggers as are businesses. As many corporations realize they have to be a web presence to know by customers, And with hope to see more blogging jobs in the future.

5. Journalism

Reporting for newspapers, magazines and even TV might sound exciting, however, it’s very hard work, usually for little pay. You’ll be expected to speak out stories, break news and even work on items that will not be so attractive. You would possibly even be expected to travel on weekends and holidays and even head to unsafe places, it all depends on your contract with the newspaper or network.

These freelance writing jobs aren't quite as common as different choices; however you'll still realize a number of these opportunities. This type of writing is essentially reporting, which implies you will have to write articles that are interesting while ensuring you follow the Associated Press Stylebook. If you get pleasure from current events and covering events that occur in your space, these jobs could also be an excellent chance for you.


There are still so many of different writing jobs out there and still available today for those in the freelance writing field that I haven’t mentioned apart from above. If you want to take a part as a freelance writer, you can consider with your choices and look for jobs that best suitable your experience and your needs as a writer.

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