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Writing Tips: the Different Types of Writing

Everyone would like to write even though it was written on a piece of paper only, just to write a letter. Novelist also makes writing activities with the contents of the story. Author of the poem wrote a series of words that are connected so beautifully. The students live in the world of essays and papers. An employee makes writing for proposals and reports. And the writing is everywhere.

But, if you already know the forms of writing that you will write? Every form of writing has its own guidelines and its own importance in the world of writing. You can check out the following short list of different types of writing, you might create a high-quality writing whatever the form of writing, that you will write.


This type of writing is a form of writing that tells a story or writes a person's life written by that person. This autobiography was written related to the experiences, memories, and so forth. The biographers generally they use on a large number of documents and point of view; whereas for an autobiography itself is more focused on the memory of the writer. However, if you are not ready to begin the process of these types of writing, you perhaps still write only in a diary and/or a journal that used as a note. So you will have a lot of records where if you want to write your autobiography at later on. You can take it from writing a diary or journal you that already available.

Book Reviews

The Book review is a review of a book of an author, whether the book has a good review or a bad review. If the results of a review of the book, is considered good, then it will affect the ranking of the book, will increase publicity and book sales. Conversely, if the results showed a bad review, it will also affect the rate of decline in sales as well. Even if it is rare or no more buyers who buy the book, it's likely that the books are on the shelves or online store will soon be withdrawn from the market. So to write a good book review using this method will greatly help you.

Character Sketches

Character sketch is an abbreviated description of the characteristics of a particular person. This type of writing you can usually find it in journalism and humor regionalist. For character sketch is divided into two types. First, the character of which involves the creation, this generally uses the questions and answers, and it is written for your own creative writing. Second, the character which is involving the creation of a character sketch of the character of the other authors commonly referred to as academic assignments. It is usually designed to help you for making your own character.

Comic Strips

For this type of writing, many people are certainly a fan including me. Comic strips are usually packed with funny stories; you can find it also in the newspaper. Necessary skills in this creative writing, is the use of pencil technique in making comic image itself and keep up with the flow of the story told in the making.


Descriptions can be used for writing fiction and non-fiction. Story content is usually presented to a person, activity, or object. Fiction story is told about people or events that are not real; literature is made only imagination of the author. Non-fiction is the classification for each informative story for informing an overview of human resources honestly and accurately. Even make an article about the making of the product description is included in non-fiction writing because it is obvious that the object described.


Everyone can make a diary of its own life journey, explained what had happened. In a diary you can write your own opinions about someone, you never feel what you have done, and so forth. With this diary, you can use it as a note for your autobiography later.


Essays are a short piece of writing on a specific theme or subject, typically in prose and usually analytic, speculative, or informative. There are four basic types of essay are expositive, descriptive, narrative, and persuasive. You can learn additional concerning essays with this article summarizing the four different types. There are a variety of useful articles on essays thus make sure to examine them out if you would like to facilitate together with your essay.


Fable is narrative type, typically that includes animals that behave and speak as groups of people, told so as to focus on human follies and weaknesses. A moral-or lesson for behavior-is woven into the story and sometimes expressly developed at the end. You can find many fables in Aesop’s Fables that included are Real Audio narrations, Classic Pictures, Random Pictures, Random Fables, Search Engine and lots more.

How-to Articles

Most people already use the Internet to search for data or information. And also it uses people to share how doing something to post it online. To make writing on How-to article very helpful for visitors who are looking for the steps in doing something.


The journal is a daily written record of occurrences, experiences, and observations. This usually is personal that may or may not be shared with anyone else. Writing a journal can help you to do a creative writing, you will say about issues in your life.


A letter is a written or printed communication addressed to an individual, company, etc., typically sent by post in an envelope. And it’s usually written by hand, but now, writing a letter by hand has switched to using email and text messaging. But the letter with handwriting looks more artistic than a letter sent via email.

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